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Living Free

Helping people discover God's path to hope, faith and freedom.

The truth is, everyone struggles with sin and it can manifest in various forms. With a focus on moving people toward a deeper relationship with Christ and His purpose, Living Free helps those hiding behind their "Sunday Smiles" toward godly freedom.

Living Free is a safe place where people examine what might be holding them back and find strength to move ahead. Living Free groups are places where people learn to drop unnecessary burdens and make choices that help them grow to their full potential in Christ.

Center for Ministry Development

It is our purpose to equip all believers for the work of the Kingdom. Discipleship is ongoing; never ceasing!  

The CMD is a central place where everyone can come to learn more about God. The mission of the CMD is to help people to discover their God given calling and then equip them to be released to serve God in that capacity. We will continue to add new classes and courses to help believers to constantly grow and sharpen themselves and each other.


Generations is a multi-generational fellowship that models Matthew 28:19 which is literally translated: “As you are going, make disciples.” Our goal for this ministry is as we go about everyday life, we intentionally investing what God has deposited in us into someone else, who then deposits it into another person, who in turn pours that into yet someone else.


A major focus of Mount Hope Church Lafayette is our children. Our goal is to provide a premier children’s ministry that will minister to the children of the Greater Lafayette area and beyond.


Primary Focus areas:


  1. Worship - We want to give our children every opportunity to Worship God in many different ways. Through songs of praise, giving to missions (BGMC), and serving God through local outreaches.

  2. Safety - We have established policies and procedures that will ensure the safety of all children. When a parent entrusts their children into our care, we want them to feel that their children are in the best care so they may freely worship.

  3. Bible Lessons- Gifted leaders present relevant and creative messages and lessons to teach our children about God. Lessons will be lived out in their lives as they grow in Christ!

  4. Local Outreaches- Events to share the Gospel message will be purposeful and focused. Every opportunity to bring a child to Christ will be made.

First Connections

We want you to feel right at home as you enter the parking lot.  You can expect a warm greeting, assistance with doors, coats and directions as you enter the building.  Come early and join us for coffee, hot chocolate and donuts on Sunday morning.  All are welcome.

Our First Connections Team is trained to provide information on church ministries, provide direction to proper areas in the facility and direct people to the appropriate staff or lead volunteer for further assistance.  They are there to serve the pastoral staff and the people of God with any emergency situations that may arise in a service.

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