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1.  Every soul is valuable to God no matter who you are or what you’ve been through.


2.  Teaching is done from the pulpit. Preaching is done on the streets.


3. Teach Simple. Preach Simple.

4.  Everyone has a call and a destiny.

5.  Jesus Christ is the Head the Church and the Pastor is the Head of our local assembly.

6.  God has given the Pastor the vision for the direction of the church.

7.  We must continue to grow and learn. Leaders are learners.

8.  Our church is to Plant Ministries within and around the city.

9.  Every ministry should serve the Church, the Community and the Country.

10.  We are to take care of the widows and the orphans. Give to and feed those in need.

11.  Everything we do must have a Kingdom Purpose.

12.  Growth comes from discipleship and equipping people for works of God’s service.


13.  If something is not within our specific mission we won’t be a part of it.


14. We must personally feel responsible for lost souls and bring them to Christ.

15. The Holy Spirit empowers believers.

Philosophy of Ministry

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